Welcome to China Café! Here, we pride ourselves on your dining experience. From the famous General Tso’s Chicken, to our Szechuan Beef, and Moo Shu Pork, China Café offers fresh Chinese and Cantonese cuisine. We also welcome you to try the freshest Sushi in the area, made to order, with only the freshest ingredients. We live by our motto “Eat Healthy, Be Happy” which is why we strive for quality in all of our dishes. Don’t eat meat? Not a problem, we have an excellent source of Vegetarian dishes both on the buffet and menu, not to mention, our succulent Seafood dishes.
At China Café, once you walk through our doors, you are not only our Customers, but our Friends, and we treat our friends, as FAMILY. We invite you to enjoy our family friendly dine-in atmosphere, or encourage you to phone ahead and order, ensuring your food is freshly made when you get here. Don’t feel like going out, or cooking? Let China Café cook for, and deliver to you. We’ll even let you take the credit for having dinner ready!
Hope to see you soon!